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Why are shutter systems superior?

Shutter Systems are an Australian based shutter wholesaler who operate at the peak of shutter manufacturing technology. Equipped with a streamlined production line and a patent that has evolved and developed over 40 years. Shutter System provides a shutter experience that cannot be beat.

Quick and easy, no dramas. Shutter Systems manufactures aluminium shutters which are superior in every way to their PVC and timber predecessors. Free from breaking, cracking and letting too much light in, Our shutters have a lifetime guarantee. Even if your shutters don’t fit your specific measurements, we can cut them down and recreate whatever you need with ease, that is the beauty of using aluminium!

A design with 40 years of history does not come over night, we have tried the strongest timbers, the strongest plastic and all the best paints, but nothing quite suits like aluminium! Our superior methodology have allowed our D.I.Y. shutters to be installed with ease and fitted in under 3 minutes! These shutters are built to last, without sacrificing looks and functionality.

Wholesale Aluminium Plantation Shutters - Shutter Systems

Are you installing shutters

and get frustrated by any

of the following:

Then we can help solve all the above!

5 Reasons to wholesale

Quality Control

By using an Australian wholesaler you can feel at ease knowing that you are getting the best possible product that money can buy with a lifetime guarantee.

Made in Australia

Operating out of Newcastle, Australia, Shutter Systems is always closeby if you need us! With a local team you'll never be waiting around long for delivers!

Lower Prices

Hard to beat wholesale prices are below a majority of aluminium shutters on the market, Plus they are made right here in Australia!

Custom Built

Shutter System's products are all custom developed and measured to suit your specific dimensions and panel style.

Unique Design

A patented aluminium shutter design built to last and easy to install! Developed over 40 years of testing different methods.

EASY Installation DIY Shutters

People invest in aluminium shutters and screens for two reasons, they provide adequate protection for their homes and for added protection against intruders and the harsh outdoor elements.

Measuring Your window
Shutter Systems provide custom Australian made aluminium shutters built to suit the specifications of your window. Start by measuring your window so we know exactly what we can make for you!
Preparing the shutters
The blades and frame of your shutters are fitted together by our team and wiped over by a powerful and safe chemical cleaner.
Ready To Ship
Shutters are prefitted inside of their frames before they leave the factory to ensure that installation is as seamless as possible. Your DIY are pre-drilled.
Easy to Install
Once delivered to your house it takes approximately 3 minutes to install. The shutters are not placed on your carpet or floor, they are pushed straight into your window. The shutters are then wiped down again after install.